Speaker "Luca Bianchi" - Cloud Day
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Luca Bianchi

CTO - Neosperience

Over a Decade in AI Leadership. 

CTO at Neosperience. 

 Driving the AI frontier, 

I’ve pivoted Neosperience and Neosperience Health to the zenith of customer engagement and healthcare innovation through serverless tech and machine learning. Honored as an AWS Serverless Hero, my expertise spans from NodeJS, Python, React, to PyTorch. But I'm more than just a coder or an architect; I’m an international speaker and content producer. 

 As a co-founder of Serverless Italy and GenAI Milano Meetup events and a resonant voice in global AI dialogues, I bridge knowledge gaps, inspiring digital transformations, thus empowering people and brands at their best.

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