Sessione GPT-3 and friends, large AI models that will change our life - Cloud Day 2022
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GPT-3 and friends, large AI models that will change our life

Lingua: Inglese
Orario: 10:45  -  11:30

GPT-3 and similar large models are receiving a high amount of attention across industries. Almost weekly new ways to use those models are unveiled.

From generating creative text, doing translations, correcting grammar, answering questions, classifying content, and in some cases being even tools to transform natural language into code in a variety of development languages, it is not a question if those models will be used, but how much they will change the way we work.
In this session a few of those models will be discussed with a focus of showcasing what you can use them for.

Since this field is innovating frequently, the precise models being featured are subject to change but will at least have the capabilities of OpenAI's GPT-3 series (text-davinci--2).

OpenAI Codex and GitHub CoPilot assisting with writing code will also be demonstrated.

This session will feature a high amount of demos.

Finally the session will cover the issue of some of the risks such as biases that are present in those models.

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